Beatles monument - 50th anniversary of HELP! in Obertauern, Austria

Beatles monument ocommemorationg 50th anniversary of HELP! in Obertauern, Austria

In March 1965 The Beatles went to the skiing resort of Obertauern in the Alpes to shot the skiing scenes of their movie HELP.

For information on the movie click here.

50 years later the community set up this art installation which is hardly visible from the single road leading through Obertauern to commemorate the anniversary, The installation made of solid metal and stainless steel is about 6 meters wide and 5 meters high.

The tourism association of Obertauern paid for that installation and set up a website with some information planned around the date of the 50th anniversary. Click here.

Unfortunately our marketing guys at the tourism association forgot to include a picture of this installation to their website. So I allowed myself to create a single purpose blog here at Blogger.

If you drive through the village stop at Hotel Roemerhof and walk up the hill. There are no signs on the road pointing to the installation and no one seems to know of the precise location. Just make your way through deep snow (there is no foot path) and you might eventually find it. They forgot about these aspect of promotion, too.